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Richardson Going Green

We are striving toward going green with any and all new technology available to the collision industry. We only use water based paint that is more Eco-friendly and provides an unbelievable finish. There are many states that have made it mandatory to use this type of paint including California and New Mexico. Other states are attempting to follow suit to help with the environment.Painting The World Green

With car manufacturers using more aluminum on their vehicles, we are raising the bar to adapt to that procedure as it also is Eco-friendly. Through readings that have been published, the U.S.A. is attempting to follow other countries that make it mandatory for car manufactures to have a certain percentage of a vehicle to be completely recyclable. Europe is the first to tackle this feet and has made it mandatory for all new auto's to be 85% recyclable. The US has set the bar for all domestic's to be 80% recyclable by 2015. We remain the only body shop in Lubbock that has a dedicated facility to working with aluminum. Using the right tools and equipment will help prevent costly repairs in the future.

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